Residential (C3) 2,800.4 30,114
Cycle/storage/refuse 39.5 425
TOTAL 2,839.5 30,569
Wellness (D1) 207.5 2,234
TOTAL 207.5 2,234
Office (B1) 835.9 8,998
Cycle/storage/refuse 135.9 1,463
TOTAL 971.8 10,461
Car Park 424 4,564
TOTAL EX PLANT 4,442.8 47,828
Residential plant 68.3 735
Office plant 25 269
TOTAL 4,536.5 48,832

NB: The proposed scheme does not include 4 Kendrick Mews that was acquired after planning was granted.

The scheme comprises of 5 new build mews houses, 2 refurbished houses and 1 refurbished apartment – 8 residential units in total:

1 bed/2 person 1 13%
2 bed/4 person 1 13%
3 bed/6 person 6 75%


Bedrooms 21
Bed spaces 42
Habitable rooms 36

Cycle parking is provided in dedicated storage areas at the lower basement:

Residential cycle spaces 28
Commercial cycle spaces 6

Residential parking for 7 cars is provided at lower basement with access from Reece Mews via a car lift.

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Proposed Scheme

The scheme has been designed by world renowned architects, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (Oxo Tower, Illuminated River). The scheme: 

Provides a rare opportunity to reorganise and streamline existing uses in an entire private mews in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Moving commercial and community activity to a self- contained building accessed from Reece Mews, reducing traffic generally and creating a quieter, private and secure family-friendly Kendrick Mews.

Creates a series of attractive houses and commercial buildings within the existing dead-end mews environment through extension and refurbishment. Replacing the existing single buildings at 7-10 Kendrick Mews with 5 larger and well-lit new-build, high-quality mews houses, that are Lifetime Homes and LHDG compliant, include private amenity space, 2 refurbished houses and 1 refurbished apartment,  8 residential properties in total.

The project proposes a double basement for some residential and community space plus car and bicycle parking, refuse collection, stormwater attenuation, heat and power plants, and equipment storage. The basement space allows for these uses to be accommodated below ground.

The relocation of commercial activity from Kendrick Mews to a new, purpose-built, self-contained 5-floor property with its entrance from Reece Mew will allow the office and the wellness/D1 users to enter and exit from Reece Mews. As a result, the proposed scheme will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, creating a quieter, more private and safer environment for residents.

The brand new office building will provide  8,998 sq ft  GEA or x 4946 sq ft NIA of new, well lit open plan office space on the lower, ground, 1st and 2nd floors with glazed partitions for meeting rooms with storage, catering facilities and a lift serving all levels. There is also 2,234 sq ft GEA or 1,714 sq ft NIA wellness/D1 space on the lower ground floor which is lit from the lightwell to the rear. Below this is the lower basement car park that is accessed via a car lift on Reece Mews and is provided with a suitable off-street waiting location.

The scheme echoes the rhythm, grain, and scale of the surrounding area, enhances the setting by replacing the existing out of character buildings. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional mews that carefully responds to the existing environment, providing a highly sustainable development that seeks to revitalise the local surroundings.

There will be no increased overlooking with no additional windows added to the rear elevation of 15 Reece Mews and no terraces to the rear of 6-10 Kendrick Mews. Mansard rooftops will be set back from the building edge and there will be no loss of privacy to adjacent residents. Overall building mass will remain the same, except for a small increase in the massing of 15 Reece Mews matching up with the existing rooflines of adjacent buildings. According to the GVA daylight and sunlight study, all changes fall within the BRE envelope guidelines, concluding there will be ‘no reductions in existing skylight amenity.’ 

The scheme achieves high levels of sustainability and seeks to achieve a high level of environmental performance through energy efficient design, co-generation, and onsite renewables. It is designed to meet or exceed the BREEAM Excellent and CfSH Level 4 standard, as well as the London Plan Standards.